5 Reasons to buy your veggies at your local farmer’s market

My Saturday mornings usually look the same. I get up, go to the gym and then walk to my favourite food market in Temple Bar to buy most of my greens and veggies for the week. It is almost like a ritual.

My veggies
My veggies and greens for the next few days. All for only 9 EUR!

I discovered the Temple Bar food market at Meeting House Square about 1.5 years ago when I went to the physio to recover from a shoulder injury. Usually, I would buy all my groceries at a supermarket, but I have gotten to know the benefits from buying my greens and veggies here!


5 reasons why you should buy your veggies at your local farmer’s market:

  1. Fresh. I find the fruits and vegetables a lot tastier and juicier. This is mostly because the produce is ripe and it has developed its flavour to the fullest. Sure, they might last only a couple of days but that’s the beauty of real food.
  2. Local. You know where your food comes from. There is no need for long-distance shipping. Everything comes from farmers in your area.
  3. Seasonal. There is a reason for certain foods only growing in the spring, summer, autumn, or winter. It’s called nature. While we are able to source whatever fruits and vegetables we want whenever, I can assure you the local, seasonal ones will be the most delicious.
  4. Organic. Certain food where you eat the skin are best consumed organic. The EWG publishes a yearly list of “dirty dozen” and “clean fifteen” that provides a good guideline when it comes to organic vs conventional food. I particularly buy a lot of organic greens as they are considered extremely nutrient dense and I don’t want to eat them with chemical fertilisers and pesticides.
  5. Support your local farmers. This is probably one of the best reasons. Family farmers compete with supermarkets. Buying directly from them gives them a better chance to survive and a better income. Check out this list to find the closest farmers market in your region.

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